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Aardvark360 Google Business Photograhers


Aardvark360 (www.aardvark360.co.uk) – one of Google’s top business photographers.


Firstly develop a brand ID that closely, intuitively associates itself with Google without infringing on their style. Once established, design and build a website that incorporates the following:

  • CMS back-end familiar to the client
  • Responsive design
  • Moving background image (something the CMS platform said was not possible, but we achieved it)
  • Virtual tours, galleries and video
  • Links to social channels
  • Clean, professional but friendly look and feel


  • Domain management
  • CMS set-up, web design with heavy CSS customisation/development
  • Creative direction
  • Retouching
  • Brand ID design and awareness

The client was so happy, they gladly gave us this testimonial …

Other work for this client:

  • Brand identity design

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