Artwork & Retouching

Being creative is when we are happiest – anything from finding and suggesting photography to retouching or creating striking images, illustrations and advertisements.


Here are some examples of our work ...

UI concepts for ATM, Mobile & Web Front-end

UI/UK design: Mobile

Client: CR2 ( – Global, multi-platform banking software Brief: Create a series of User Interface (UI) concepts across (a) the client's main channels (ATM, Internet & Mobile), and (b) the demographic groups High-Net-Worth, Mass Affluent and Student. Skills: Retouching UI … [Read more...]

Decals & Paint for Carbon Mountain Bike Frame

manvell, product,design,mountain,bike,carbon,china

Client: Manvell Product Design ( Brief: Take brief from bike frame designer (MPD) plus experienced mountain bike users and create a two variations of a striking, rugged and innovative design to best showcase new, innovative, carbon-fibre mountain bike frame. Designs … [Read more...]

Infographic for social media proposal


Client: Social Media Agency Brief: Design an infographic depicting the scope of a Social Media consulting proposal for a leading UK high street retailer. Skills: Photoshop Image search Typesetting … [Read more...]

Digital restoration of traditonal wooden sign


Client: Pluckley Village. Brief: Take the actual weathered and damaged wooden sign that has stood in Pluckley Village for years. Photograph it, digitally stitch the photos together, then, without compromising the original painting style, digitally restore the sign's artwork and colours to its … [Read more...]

Fortune Magazine advertisement (double-page spread) for Samruk


Client: Fortune magazine (US), IIGuides (UK agency) and Sumruk (Kazakhstani client) Brief: Working with agency (IIGuides), create advert concept, show and explore ideas, take one idea to final artwork. Skills: Photoshop Image search Retouching … [Read more...]

Retouching and picture editing for Fortnum & Mason


Client: Fortnum & Mason Brief: Working via an agency to create F&M Christmas catalogues. Due to the sheer scale of photographic work involved some post production retouching had to take place to adjust colour, or in extreme cases correct labelling and substitute products when the right … [Read more...]

Idea illustration for consultant


Client: Alan Whitaker (independent speaker and business consultant) Brief: Create a tightly specifying, stylised image representing aspects of motivation. Skills: Photoshop Retouching Basic 3D package … [Read more...]

Infographic and concept creation for HR report


Client: Career Innovation (UK) and Tony Di Romauldo (Senior Research US-based consultant) Brief: As part of an HR research report, take research-based processes. models and data and combine them seamlessly with the report's narrative in a clean and easy to read report. This involved bringing … [Read more...]

Conference signage for U.S.A. tour


Client: CR2 ( – global financial software developers. Brief: Design in conjunction with US-based sign manufacturer, all elements of CR2's conference stand for use at numerous venues across their tour of the North America. Skills: Illustration Sign/Typesetting Other work for … [Read more...]

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